Terms of Use

This page is to intimate our users(Site Visitors) with the terms and conditions that govern its use.

The terms and conditions may undergoe occasional modifications. So, we urge our users to keep eyes on the contents of the terms and conditions by visiting this page.

Who are the parties to the use of Agreement?

Allmyjojo users (site visitors), subscribers and the admins are parties to this agreement.

By continuing to use the site:

The admins take it that the users (site visitors) accept the terms and conditions that govern the use of this site.

Shall any dispute arise, this site shall be resort to this terms and agreements with the applicable rule of laws or by binding arbitration as necessary.

Terms guilding the use of information from this site

Any copying, broadcast, publishing or redistribution of the contents of this site in whatever format without prior written permission request to the admin is prohibited, and may likely attract due legal penalty.

We also take it that our users (site visitors) agree that viewing the content of this site is the condition for the acceptance of the rules guiding its terms of use.

Disclaimer for contents published on this site

The usage of the site contents is for information purposes only. The contents of the site does not serve as replacements for due professional advice or consultations as necessary.

Hence, we take it that the user agrees that the site and the admins are strictly absolved from any damages that result from the users’ (site visitors’) actions or inactions.

Terms on Indemnification

By viewing the contents of this site, the user accepts the responsibility to be liable to damages in the event that he/she causes a damage to the site, its admins or its contents.

Terms on Liability

By using the contents of this, including but not limited to posts, banners, images, advertisements etc, the user absolutely waives all his/her rights claims of damages in any guise.

Terms on Content Submissions

By willingly submitting any media contents such as images, texts or video:

The user (site visitors) agrees that the submitted media contents shall henceforth be under absolute ownership of the site. Hence the site shall have full right to protect and claim ownership as necessary.

The user shall henceforth agree not redistribute the submitted media contents to another third party.


Finally, the user agrees to waive his right to notice as a condition for full permissions to the content of this site.